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Society for Children and Youth of BC (Ongoing)
    Child and Youth Friendly Communities Initiative
    A major three year initiative aimed at building a broad consensus of support for improving communities for children and youth.  YTA was involved in the initiative from its conception, both helping to define the initial ideas and funding proposals for Society for Children and Youth of BC, then managing the initiative, and creating most of its component parts.  This project will involve YTA on a part-time basis through to mid-2003, although certain sub-projects will run past that date.
          Society for Children and Youth of BC (2007)
         Municipal Standards and Indicators of Child and Youth Friendly Communities
           YTA have worked with the SCY of BC for almost 15 years, helping to define what has become known as child friendly communities. Previous publications include Child Friendly Housing, and Child and Youth Friendly Communities - Getting Started. In addition, an international conference was held at UBC in 2001, and workshops have been held around BC, and conference presentations made in Canada and around the world. The Getting Started booklet has been translated into both Japanese and Flemish.
           In 2006, work began on the development of a new and innovative tool for assisting municipal staff and elected officials to assess how child and youth friendly their community is, and how to move forward. This is a document that is community specific, is published on request, and which pulls data from a database that will be continually updated. This will allow communities always to be working with the most up-to-date data, and to track this data as it changes over time.
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