Children and Youth    
Child and Youth Friendly Communities
Society for Children and Youth of BC    Child Friendly Housing
Society for Children and Youth of BC    Child and Youth Friendly Communities Initiative
Society for Children and Youth of BC    Workshop Facilitation - Managing Cities as If Children Matter
Society for Children and Youth of BC    Recreation for High Risk Youth
Society for Children and Youth of BC    Making It Happen
Policy Planning    
City of Burnaby    Child Care Policy and Implementation Plan
Corporation of Delta    Child Care Needs Assessment
Ministry of Municipal Affairs    Cultural Diversity and Youth - Issues for Recreation
Child and Youth Secretariat    Models of Service Integration
Ministry of Education    Project Advisor - Kids at Risk Initiative
Ministry of Children and Families    Integrated Services Delivery - Review of Critical Facility Issues
District of West Vancouver    Civic Youth Strategy
City of Vancouver    Civic Youth Strategy - Renewal
Greater Vancouver Community Services    Independent Housing for Youth Projects    
BC Youth Council    Youth Resource Development Manual
Maple Ridge Planning Department    Planning a Youth-for-Youth Centre
City of Vancouver    A Civics Manual - Learning Modules for Social Studies 11
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