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Our Projects – Children and Youth

Assisting clients with a range of planning and policy development related to children and youth is a major focus for YTA. We have developed and refined the concepts of child and youth friendly cities, have developed innovative tools and resources, and have been proud to have been involved internationally  in the dissemination of these ideas.
We have also brought these concepts to a range of policy studies which, in every case, have given administrators a broader and more realistic view of children, youth and their needs for growth and development.

Over the past three years we have undertaken the following projects:
•	Society for Children and Youth of BC (2007) - Municipal Standards and Indicators of Child and Youth Friendly Communities
•	City of Edmonton (2005) - Innovative Tools as part of the City’s Children’s Services Framework
•	United Way of the Lower Mainland (2006) - Policy Framework for Middle Childhood Matters
•	City of Vancouver (2006) - A Corporate Approach to Youth Services
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