Fort St. John
Our assistance to Fort St John agencies has been focused on more mainstream community services. Our first project examined five community events and helped the City to develop an events strategy. After that, YTA assisted the Community Arts Council with their organizational strategic plan; later, in 2006, a joint project between the City and the CAC developed a Cultural Plan and Policy. Our local reputation became known to the Library Board, which recognized a need for a Community Needs Assessment to present their facility needs in the broadest light.
Each project allowed us to build our local knowledge, adding value to each assignment.
Event Economic Impact Assessment  - for the City of Fort St. John
Six events held during the summer of 2001 including the BC Festival of the Arts were assessed to determine their actual economic impact.  A Visitor Survey was delivered, and data gathered about spending by host organizations and other agencies. The results provided the basis for an Events Strategy for the City.
Organization Development Plan – for the Fort St. John Community Arts Council
Based on a weekend planning workshop, an organizational develop plan was prepared for the Community Arts Council.
Cultural Plan and Policy – for the Fort St. John Community Arts Council and City of Fort St. John
Moving arts and cultural development further in FSJ required the development of a a civic cultural policy and a comprehensive plan for arts and culture.  Based on our community knowledge, YTA have developed the policy and plan.
Library Community Needs Assessment – for the Fort St. John Library Board
This study assisted the Library Board to think about how the library currently services the community and to examine the various ways in which its impact could be maximized in a new facility.
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