Ministry of Education
The Ministry relies on YTA to conduct the innovative research that allows them to keep their policy frameworks pertinent to the needs of the BC education system.
Revision of BC School Building Manual
Leading a team of architects and educational planners, YTA conducted a complete review of the current manual and prepared recommendations for
incorporation into a new manual.
Alternate Methods for Funding School Site Acquisition
Concerns existed in the Lower Mainland of BC that a lack of school sites would limit the GVRD’s ability to meet its regional planning objectives.  YTA
reviewed site acquisition practices in over 20 major Canadian, US and UK school districts, identified likely approaches that might work in the BC context,
and reviewed the demographic context for their application in the Lower Mainland.
Project Advisor - Kids at Risk Initiative
The Kids at Risk Initiative was a series of pilot projects focused on making schools the delivery location for a range of provincial government services for
kids at risk.  YTA assisted Ministry staff with initial project design, review of submissions for funding, project support, workshop design, and development
of an evaluation framework.
Policy Analysis related to the Community Use of School Buses
Schools and communities, especially in rural areas, often use school buses for community transportation and community buses to transport students.
Different licensing and insurance requirements, and other related issues, required clarification, and the appropriate documents to be drafted.
School Site Size Review
Increasing land costs, especially in the Lower Mainland, and the need to direct as much as possible of the Ministry’s capital budget to construction,
required that existing site size allocations, unchanged for over 20 years, to be reviewed.
Review of School Site Costs
Development of a formula for the School Funding Model that would allocate funding to School Districts based on the real variables of site maintenance.
The report also identified ‘best practices’ and innovative approaches that allowed districts to do more with less.
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