Quesnel has been hard hit by the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic, and recognizes that its future cannot be as tied to forests and lumber as was its past. What it needs is innovative ideas for future community economic development that build on local strengths.
YTA have assisted them with four projects:
Strategic Plan for Agricultural Park – for Quesnel Community Economic Development Commission
Quesnel’s agricultural park provides a venue for horse and agricultural activities and events.  The plan looks at the potential to expand the park’s amenities, the value to the community of hosting more events, and the steps to implement the process.
Amenity Migration Consultation and Strategy – for Cariboo Chilcotin Beetle Coalition
For many years, economic development has been about attracting industries. In more recent years, there has been increasing recognition that attracting people to your community leads to economic growth. Different people are attracted by different attributes, but improving quality of life is a common element. YTA assisted Quesnel by researching the topic of amenity migration, identifying best practices, and then crafting a strategy.
Event Strategy – for Quesnel Community Economic Development Commission
YTA have undertaken work for many communities on social and economic benefits of community events. This work for Quesnel synthesized learning from other communities into an events strategy for Quesnel.
Business Plan for a Multi-Centre – for the City of Quesnel
Council is supportive of replacing the older of Quesnel’s two arenas, and the community recognizes the need for a broader vision for a facility that includes a 2000 seat arena, a 450 seat theatre, and conference/meeting space. YTA examined the viability of the vision and developed a business plan for the multi-centre.
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