Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance
YTA has developed the concept of sport tourism over a period of 20 years, first with the BC provincial government, then the Canadian Tourism Commission, and more recently with many cities. Some key projects have included:
Canadian Sport Tourism Initiative – for Canadian Tourism Commission
Oversaw CTC initiative to develop sport tourism as a recognized part of the Canadian Tourism industry. Sport Tourism Plans were developed for the cities
regions of St John’s, Newfoundland; Western Newfoundland; Moncton, New Brunswick; Hamilton, Ontario; Cranbrook and Kelowna, BC. Presentations and
workshops were facilitated in approximately 20 other Canadian cities. Two major conferences were organized (Feb 1998, and Nov 1999), including
compilation of the conference proceedings. The Canadian Sport Tourism Coalition was created and all registration documents prepared.
Product Club Application - Canadian Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus
YTA prepared a Product Club Application for the establishment of the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance.  This was submitted to the CTC by the CACVB on
behalf of the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance which at that time was not a legal entity.
Guide to Sport Tourism - Tourism BC
The development of a Guide to educate communities about sport tourism, and to assist them in planning for this market niche.
Community Sport Tourism Planning Program Development -  for 2010 Legacies Now/Tourism BC
The development of program materials for the initiation of this community planning process.
Expert Paper on Large Scale Event Tourism -  for the City of Edmonton
Preparation of an expert paper on Large Scale Event Tourism.
Sport Tourism Plan - Tourism Hamilton
Updating the Sport Tourism Plan prepared for the Hamilton-Wentworth Regional District in 1998.
Sport Tourism Planning Template - Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance
In conjunction with the Tourism Hamilton Plan, a generic template of worksheets and explanatory sheets was prepared to assist CSTA member
communities in their planning processes.  This work was funded by the Province of Ontario.
Event Strategy - City of Prince George
Preparation of a strategic approach to event tourism in Prince George.
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