Society for Children and Youth of BC
YTA’s interest in issues around children and youth developed early in the company’s life, and the relationship with the Society for Children and Youth of BC has been ongoing since 1992. Not-for-profit organizations struggle even more than local governments  for the kind of inspirational leadership and quality work that is YTA’s specialty. The collaborative model is somewhat different from local government: with Society for Children and Youth of BC, YTA would develop a concept, identify funding sources, prepare a funding allocation, and then conduct the research work. Over the years, we have develop this niche area of planning for and with children and youth, and been proud to assist Society for Children and Youth of BC with innovative and ground-breaking research.
Child Friendly Housing
Our communities are changing, creating new environments in which children and young people grow and develop.  Does the housing that we build offer the best possible environment for children? This research looked at these issues and two publications were developed: Child Friendly Housing: A Guide for Housing Professionals; and A Smart User’s Guide to Child Friendly Housing.
Child and Youth Friendly Communities Initiative
A major three year initiative aimed at building a broad consensus of support for improving communities for children and youth.  YTA was involved in the initiative from its conception, both helping to define the initial ideas and funding proposals for Society for Children and Youth of BC, then managing the initiative, and creating most of its component parts.  
Municipal Standards and Indicators of Child and Youth Friendly Communities
The development of a new and innovative tool for assisting municipal staff and elected officials to assess how child and youth friendly their community is, and how to move forward.
Workshop - Managing Cities as If Children Matter
Working with Roger Hart on the delivery of this workshop - a part of the Child and Youth Friendly Communities Initiative.
Recreation for High Risk Youth
What do so-called high risk youth want for recreation?  This question was posed in a series of workshops around the province.  High risk youth, recruited primarily through the alternate school system, were engaged in designing and running a weekend workshop for their peers, presenting the results to community leaders on the Sunday morning.  YTA managed the process, teaching the youth about workshop facilitation and advocacy, and distilling the results of all three workshops into a final project report for the funder (BC Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Recreation).  
Making It Happen
This publication for the Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Recreation relayed the results of the youth forums as a series of guiding principles, with case studies.  A parallel publication focused on how to run a Youth Forum.
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