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Really Useful Planning

Planning is about action. It is only useful if it moves the process forward, and makes decisions easier and better. For some projects, our planning role is to clarify a situation which provides the information on which to base decisions: a survey for instance helps decision makers know what the public are really thinking. In other projects, our planning helps decision-makers to understand where they want to go in the long term, which in turn makes short –term decisions easier to make. For other projects, planning is laying out the implementation steps as well as the vision – both where we want to get to and how to get there.
Of course all our projects meet one or more of these criteria – but here are a few examples of where our planning has been really useful.

Grande Prairie, Alberta – “A Vision for a Community Knowledge Campus”
The City, the two school divisions, the health authority and the library board all needed to develop long range facility plans for the provision of facilities on the south side of the city.  Our process brought representatives of all these agencies together for several visioning workshops, added space specifications to the vision and, latterly working with CJP Architects, converted these ideas to a site layout.  This was presented on display panels which supported these agencies in ‘marketing’ the concept to provincial funding agencies. Our vision was completed in 1998, and the campus is gradually taking shape –
see www.cityofgp.com/citygov/initiatives/ckc/Default.htm to see its progress.

Maple Ridge, BC – “Youth for Youth Centre – Feasibility Study and Operational Plan”
In 1994, YTA worked with youth in Maple Ridge to create a vision for a youth centre that would be truly ‘theirs’. It opened in 2001 and has received several awards not just for the building but for its approach and programming…which were all part of the 1994 vision. 
For a 360 Tour, see http://seevirtual360.com/themes/2/theme02.aspx?listingID=3031

Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance 
During the 1990s, YTA worked with the Canadian Tourism Commission and communities across Canada to help define and then operationalize sport tourism. The culmination of this development work was the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance. YTA wrote the workplan for the Alliance in 2000 as part of its submission for funding. The Alliance is still operationalizing that plan, but Canada is now well established as a sport tourism destination. 
For more information on CSTA see http://www.canadiansporttourism.com/