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District of West Vancouver (2005)
Civic Youth Strategy - Renewal
Working with both youth and City staff during 2001/2002, a comprehensive strategy to include youth in city government and civic life was developed. It identified five strategic directions that spanned all departments of the District, from recreation, to engineering, to planning, fire department and human resources. The holistic approach showed departmental managers and Mayor and Council that all departments needed to be involved in making West Vancouver more youth-friendly.
In 2005, after three years of implementation, the District conducted a youth consultation to renew the strategy. YTA facilitated this process, working with a range of youth (some of whom had been involved in the strategy’s development three years prior). The renewal added some new approaches as well as reconfiming original ones and establishing new actions for the next three years.
The original strategy won a CPRA Innovation Award in 2005.
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