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City of Kamloops (2004)
Economic Impact Assessment of Major Facility Plans
An assessment of the potential of the City’s proposed $37m facility plan to generate economic benefits to the City.
This was the third of three projects that we have completed for Kamloops, each one building on the previous ones. Work started with a Sports Field Assessment and Upgrading Plan; one recommendation was a major upgrade to McArther Island Park. The second assignment was Revamping the Tournament Capital Program: what on-the-ground action is required if the City moves from ‘Tournament Capital Of BC’ to ‘Tournament Capital of Canada’ - one of the ten recommendations focused on faculity upgrading.
The Economic Impact Assessment of Major Facility Plans identified the events that could be hosted in the proposed facilities and identified their economic value to the city. The findings were released prior to the referendum, which passed successfully...thanks in no small part, we think, to the clear evidence that, over ten years, the facilties would bring back to the community a value equal to their capital cost.
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