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Our Projects – Recreation and Sport

Assisting clients in the recreation and sports sector is a major focus for YTA. 
We have completed numerous projects across Western Canada, primarily around strategic planning, 
facility planning, parks and trails planning, and assignments focused on policy and specific projects.
Our work is always holistic in nature, taking a broad social planning approach.
We are particularly interested in how demographics is changing service delivery, and 
are committed to including the public, especially children and youth, in discussion and decision making.

Over the past four years we have undertaken the following projects:
•	Township of Esquimalt (2004) - Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan
•	City of Kamloops (2004) - Economic Impact Assessment of Major Facility Plans
•	City of Kelowna (2005) - Seniors Recreation Strategy
•	District of West Vancouver (2005) - Civic Youth Strategy - Renewal
•	Nanaimo Regional District (2005) - Electoral Area A Recreation Survey and Study
•	Capital Regional District (2006) - Assessing the Impacts of Expanding the Elk Lake Rowing Centre
City of Quesnel - Business Plan for a Multiplex
•	BC Recreation and Parks Association (2007) - Provincial Consultation on Active Aging
City of Prince George (2007) - Event Strategy
City of Victoria (2007) - Parks Survey
City of Burnaby (2007) - Cameron Community Centre Facility and Services Assessment
Carney Hill Neighbourhood Association (Prince George) (2007) - Carney Hill Neighbourhood Centre Feasibility Study Rec%20Esquimalt.htmlRec%20kamloops.htmlRec%20Kelowna.htmlRec%20West%20Van.htmlRec%20Nanaimo.htmlRec%20CRD.htmlRec%20Quesnel.htmlRec%20BC%20Parks%20and%20Rec.htmlRec%20Prince%20George.htmlRec%20Victoria.htmlRec%20Burnaby.htmlRec%20Carney%20Hill.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0shapeimage_18_link_1shapeimage_18_link_2shapeimage_18_link_3shapeimage_18_link_4shapeimage_18_link_5shapeimage_18_link_6shapeimage_18_link_7shapeimage_18_link_8shapeimage_18_link_9shapeimage_18_link_10shapeimage_18_link_11
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