Relationship-Centered Planning
Every community and every organization needs to be able to create and implement innovative ideas. Yet it has become increasingly challenging for staff to find the times for creative thinking, and there is even less time for them to work up these ideas from inception to operation. The further conundrum is that such innovation requires the kind of close-to-the-ground knowledge that outsiders don’t possess.
Which is where relationship-centered consulting comes in. We have a number of communities which use our social planning expertise much as they would once have used the research department. We are there to bounce ideas back and forth, to investigate specific concepts (such as the mayor may have brought back from that last conference), to identify, assess and provide local context around best practice models…and many other ideas.
Sometimes it is with one organization, but often our work is with communities.
We like this approach to consulting: it provides the kind of continuity that is often lacking, and we enjoy the collegiality that follows from it.  We share with you four examples of such relationship-centered planning:
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