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2010 Legacies Now/Tourism BC (2007)
Community Sport Tourism Planning Program Development
The development of program materials for the initiation of
this community planning process.
The Guide we developed in 2004 starts the process in
communities...this program, when it is eventually
announced, will allow communities to move forward and
develop plans and action.
The program materials incorporate some of the ideas that
we developed in the Sport Tourism Planning Template that
we developed for the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance and
the Government of Ontario, but adds various of our other
tools to assist communities to ‘walk through’ the entire
planning process.
We are hopeful that the province will announce this program
in 2007/8.
Tourism BC (2004)
A Guide to Sport Tourism
A guidebook, as part of Tourism BC’s Business Essentials series, focused on the helping communities understand and gear up for sport tourism.
YTA has a long history of working with communities to help them to develop that area between sport events and tourism which is now recognized globally as sport tourism. YTA managed the Canadian Sport Tourism Initiative from 1995 to 2000 for the Canadian Tourism Commission, and helped to establish the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance.
We continue to innovate in this area, such as working with ProGrid to develop their excellent decision support systems into a tool for managing the event business.
The Guide to Sport Tourism that was prepared for Tourism BC distills into one source document much of our knowledge of the industry and the necessary role of the municipality in the sport event process. The Guide continues to be the key starting point for provincial efforts to develop community action.
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In 2005, Sport Business magazine proclaimed “Sport tourism…is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global travel and tourism industry with estimates of its value in 2003 as high as $51bn, equivalent to 10% of the total international tourism market.”