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Quesnel Community Economic Development Commission (2005)
Business Plan for Quesnel’s Agricultural Park
Quesnel’s economy is under siege: the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic is likely to have major impacts on its forestry and timber industries. The search is on for replacement economic generators and tourism, recreation, events and quality of life offer the most promising targets.
Quesnel’s agricultural park provides a venue for horse and agricultural activities and events.  At present, the parks serves primarily local activities, but the plan looks at the potential to expand the park’s amenities, the value to the community of hosting more events, and the steps to implement the process.
Quesnel Community Economic Development Commission (2006)
Event Strategy
The Events Strategy identified the steps that the community should take to ensure that the benefits from events can be maximized. The strategy draws on YTA’s experience with other communities to propose a number of actions to assist Quesnel to capitalize on this lucrative tourism niche market.
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